Up to 8 music instruments depending on the type and size of the FPGA.
64 keys / voices per instrument
8 fundamental oscillators / sound genertors per voice

Common Functions & Parameters for all Instruments:

Master Temperature, Master Tuning, Global Tempo, MIDI Tempo, MIDI Shift, Routing Options, 16 x Audio Level, 8 x MIDI In, 8 x MIDI Out, 64 x MIDI Internal, Generators: Rhythm Patterns, MIDI Patterns, Arpeggio Patterns

Common Functions & Parameters for all Keys of an Instrument:

Octave Shift, Fine Detuning, Phase Shifting, Vibrato Speed ADSR, Vibrato Depth ADSR, Phase Dithering, Phase Degradation, Main OSC Distortion, Offset, Volume, Main OSC ADSR - Setting, Second OSC Distortion, Offset, Volume, Second OSC ADSR - Setting, FM Modulation ADSR, Volume, Depth, Resonance Filter, Volume, VA-Synthesis Energy, Phase, Damping, Loss, Recouple, Decouple, Harmonics, HI-Pass, LO-Pass, Amplitude Dithering, Amplitude Degradation, Sound Mix, Stereo Leveling Left / Right, Send Channels 1 ... 8, Room 3D Reverb

Individual Functions & States of all Keys of any Instrument:

16 LFOs states, triggered by their corresponding key (note) or running free
2 basic oscillators per voice
4 modifiers
1 VA-synth voice
1 noise generator
all filters operate simultanously per voice 

more to come ... 
  (C) 2016 Dipl.-Ing Jürgen Schuhmacher